Kukhura ko Masu Ledo

Kukhura ko Masu Ledo (Nepalese Chicken Curry)


1 Kg chicken cut in to 2 inch Pieces

3 Medium onions thinly sliced

2 Medium tomatoes sliced

1 Tsp cumin powder

1 Tsp coriander powder

1 Tsp ginger paste

1 Tsp garlic paste

1 Tsp chilli powder

1 Bay leaf broken in to half

1 Pinch asafoetida

3 Pieces clove

3 Pieces broken cardamoms

1 small stick cinnamon

2 Pieces red chillies broken in to half

½ Tsp turmeric powder

3-4 Pieces black Pepper corns (Marich)

½ Cup mustard or refined Oil

2 Tbsp chopped green coriander leaves

Salt to taste


1 ) Heat the Wok (karahi) and add oil.

2 ) Add bay leaf, cloves, asafoetida, cardamoms, cinnamon, red chillies, paper corns, let it crackle for about a minute.

3 )  Add onions; let it cook till onions are transparent.

4 )  Add chicken, fry for 5 minutes in medium heat.

5 ) Add cumin powder, coriander powder, ginger paste, garlic paste and let it cook for about 5 minutes stirring time to time.

6 ) Add salt and chilli powder and turmeric powder.

7 ) Add tomatoes; let it cook for 5 minutes.

8 ) Add ¼ cup water let it cook till it turns in to gravy and chicken pieces are cooked. Garnish with green coriander leaves.

9 ) Serve with Rice, Roti or Pulao (pilaf).

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  1. sunil says:

    i whisked yogurt and added to curry and reduced tomatoes instead.It gave a good taste too.What do you suggest?

  2. Uv says:

    Happy to know that it turned nice. Yes, it is better to whisk the yogurt and put. Tomatoes can be increased or decreased as per your liking. If you want more gravy, adding more tomatoes is a good option but remember if the tomatoes are sour, it can make the chicken too much sour in taste.

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