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NEPALI  FOOD-Authentic Himalayan Taste

Nepal, a small country amidst the Himalayas, has many regions, castes, creeds, but mostly come under the Hindu religion. This small country has a wide variety of tasty foods, suitable for all occasions. The Hindu culture consists of many festivals throughout the year, and different recipes are used in each festival. There are many everyday recipes also, which can be introduced as delicacies around the world. The food prepared during festivals is rare and unique in their own way. Nepalese recipes consist of many spices and herbs, which are used in each dish in a different proportion and manner. This makes each recipe unique in its own way.

Nepali food dates back to ancient times. There are many regional Nepalese food specialties but there is a variety of basic dishes used in everyday Nepalese food, which are very tasty and popular not only in Nepal but also all over the world. These recipes can be divided into three main categories: Firstly the food eaten by the rich or the elite class of people, which consist of various dishes, prepared by using rich spices and herbs, which give out a fantastic taste and mouth-watering aroma. Secondly the food eaten by the middle-class Nepalese is a little less rich in spices and herbs but is equally tasty especially for the foreign tongue. Lastly the basic food eaten by the masses or the village farmers, which covers a large part of the country, is tasty and simple yet full of energy. Surprisingly many of these common man’s recipes are slightly altered and eaten by everybody, even the rich as delicacies.

Nepalese food although very tasty, has not reached the popularity level of the Chinese or French cuisine, simply because it has not been introduced internationally in a proper manner. Foreign tourists who come to Nepal relish the food here, but they do not know the preparation method and cannot get the authentic herbs in their country. Another drawback is that Nepal being a poor country the Nepalese living abroad are not rich enough to open much restaurants to introduce the delicious recipes and spread its taste. Nepali food is similar to the Indian cuisine, but Indian food is basically heavily spiced and also contains an abundant amount of oils whereas Nepalese food is much lighter and easily digestible,without compromising the taste.

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